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​Judicial Instructions

Any problem in the penal procedures structure would have serious effects on the progress of justice because it could affect the freedoms of citizens and lead to the imprisonment of innocent people. Not providing the right to defense and weak judicial structure create problems that lead to unfair judicial decisions that are hard to redeem, thus leading to the penal justice becoming a tool of tyranny and oppression against the rights of individuals, and a group of wreckage that should be brought down because it no longer serves the needs of the society that wants to build the justice sector.

Therefore, we strived to develop judicial work at the Public Prosecution to become an efficient legal institution in serving national interest. We started gradual steps in this regard through establishing a technical office, an inspection unit, an execution department, and work is underway on completing a judicial and administrative system balanced and in line with the urgent needs.

The Public Prosecution is a specialized procedural institution that acts on behalf of the society in properly implementing the provisions of the penal law, as it is the only body that has the right to set a penal action into motion.

Public prosecutors need instructions every now and then to clarify the methodology in which they should perform their duty. After learning that the instructions issued by former attorney generals are different, conflicting and incoherent with the recent legislative developments, we decided to unify and edit these instructions in one book that includes several bylaws, regulations and decisions that have been issued by this institution in order to be available for prosecutors to help them in their daily work.

Accordingly, we assigned the head of the technical office at the Office of the Attorney General Judge Abdul Qader Jarada with drafting these instructions, which he efficiently completed with the assistance of his colleagues, particularly Abdul Naser Abu Ajwa, Chief Prosecutor, and Zain Eddin Bsaiso, Chief Prosecutor, who had a great role in this regard.

Attorn​ey General

Judge Abdul Ghani Al-Eweiwi