Public Prosecution signs a Memorandum of Cooperation with Himam Foundation

Date:- 16/06/2021

Place:- Ramallah

HE Attorney General Mr.Akram Alkhatib has signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the Executive Director of Himam Foundation, Dr. Majdi Hamdan for achieving a fruitful cooperation in the areas of awareness, development, and community participation through the pioneers of the National Academic Network of Palestinian Universities,  in the presence of the President of the Arab Trainers Union, Dr. Younis Al-Khataiba, the Juvenile Chief Prosecutor Mr.Thaer Khalil and a number of representatives from the Arab Platform for Volunteering and Community Participation.

 This Memorandum aims at enhancing the cooperation in the field of investing the energies of youth and activating their role in building the society, exchanging experiences, services, technological means, programs, and plans, enhancing the cooperation in preparing the explanatory publications and preparing future training programs in a way that contributes in  achieving the goals of the human development for youth.

Through the meeting, Mr.Al-Khatib expressed his gratitude for signing this memorandum of understanding with Himam Foundation, in which it would enhance the cooperation between the two sides in institutionalizing and framing the  humanitarian volunteer work which will pave the way for creativity and motivation among students, create a generation capable of implementing the best interest of the child in the residential communities and provide volunteer support to the Children's Justice Sector System. He also pointed out that the volunteer work and community participation are the basis for the advancement of societies which can only be achieved by building partnerships with the local community and its institutions.

 From his side, Mr.Majdi Hamdan thanked the Public Prosecution for its vital role with the Local and International institutions, and stressed out that the Palestinian experience in the juvenile justice has become a regional and international leader, specifically  the work mechanisms and procedures carried out by the Public Prosecution office for protecting children, as well as the launch of the National Academic Network of Palestinian Universities through which  fruitful cooperation in the field of humanitarian and voluntary work will be achieved for many students in partnership with the Public Prosecution in the future.

It is worth noting that the Arab Platform for Volunteering and Community Participation is derived from the Arab Trainers Union, which operates within the scope of the Council of Arab Economic Unity - the League of Arab States, and was launched in January 2019 to be the first Arab incubator for volunteer work for providing a safe environment that serves and regulates the relationship between volunteers and the entities that provide volunteer opportunities in the Arab world.