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Public Prosecution Role


The Public Prosecution is an institution that acts on behalf of the society in the proper application of the provisions of the law. The work of the Palestinian Public Prosecution differs from that of its counterparts in the Arab World in that it has the power to investigate, make accusations, and litigate representing public right or the government before the competent courts. In accordance with the law, the Public Prosecution has the exclusive power to conduct a penal action aiming at maintaining security in the society and keep it strong through establishing the rule of law principle and equality among citizens.

The tasks of the Public Prosecution have been developing since the establishment of the Palestinian National Authority. It started as the body that is legally authorized and capable of protecting the Palestinian society through performing its duty in the best manner and necessary speed that achieve the guarantees provided for the accused in the law.

Law No. 1 of 2002 on the Judicial Authority regulates the work of the Public Prosecution, detailing the provisions in the judicial authority chapter in the amend Palestinian Basic Law of 2003. Both laws establish the principle of administrative and judicial independence of the Public Prosecution in line with the work of both the judicial and executive authorities.