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​​Establishment of Planning and Policy Unit

The Planning and Policy Unit was established in October 2008. It is composed of 6 employees including the head of the unit. The unit started operating with two employees and in 2009 two other employees were added, donor affairs coordinator and an administrative assistant. In 2010, another employee was added, planning team manager. The planning and policy unit is considered one of the most important units and departments at the Public Prosecution, as it is the main unit responsible for the development of the Public Prosecution in different aspects.

Following are the key tasks of the Planning and Policy ​Unit:

  1. Conduct comprehensive surveys on the needs of the Public Prosecution in terms of equipment, human resources and training.
  2. Draw developmental plans and policies for the Public Prosecution.
  3. Draft projects, proposals and developmental plans and submit them to donors.
  4. Coordinate with donors and follow up on submitted proposals.
  5. Prepare agreements and detailed plans in cooperation with donors on existing or future projects.
  6. Implement and manage projects and regularly evaluate results and outcomes.
  7. Prepare regular reports on the progress of projects.
  8. Prepare monthly and annual reports on the work of the Public prosecution.
  9. Represent the Public Prosecution in different meetings and working groups relating to the justice sector.​