Summary of the Public Prosecution 11th Annual Report (Below)RAMALLAHThe repercussions of the spread of the Coronavirus led the Public Prosecution to prepare an emergency plan that includes its important needs, taking into account the possibility of implementing and providing these needs, and limiting it as priorities for the current phase. The following are highlights of the most notable moments witnessed by the Public Prosecution Office, during 2020: Achieves an Official working visit to the Republic of TurkeyRamallahHE. Attorney General of the State of Palestine, Mr.Akram Alkhatib completed an official working visit to the Republic of Turkey at a response to the invetation from the President of the Court of cassation to participate and be part of the the opening of a new Cassation Court in Ankara as well as the launching of the new judicial year in Turkey, under the patronage of HE. The President of the Republic of Turkey, Mr.Rajab Tayip Erdogan. Mr.Alkhatib was accompanied by HE the Palestinian Ambassador to the Republic of Turkey, Dr.Faed Mustafa and the Palestinian Chief Prosecutor Mr. Nasser Jarrar. Attorney General Honors Mr. Yari-Pekka Bayala for completing his Mandate in PalestineRamallahHE Mr.Akram Alkhatib, Attorney General, Honors Mr. Yari-Pekka Bayala the European Police (EUPOL COPPS ) expert, for completing his official duties in Palestine, in the presence of the Attorney General's Assistants Mr. Ashraf Areqat, Mr. Khalid Awwad, and Mr. Yasser Hammad, as well as the Anti- Corruption Crimes Chief Prosecutor, Mr. Mustafa Farhan. Meets the Senior Justice Advisor at U.S. Department of StateRamallah​HE ,Attorney General, Mr.Akram Alkhatib met with a delegation from the U.S. Department of State headed by Ms. Shibani Malhotra, Senior Justice Adviser at the U.S. Department of State and Mr.Jiff kee the Acting Director of the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement, in the presence of Mr.Yasser Hammad, Assistant Attorney General, in order to enhance the joint cooperation between the two parties. Public Prosecution Conducts the Written Exam for the Assistant Prosecutor Post RamallahUnder the supervision of his Excellency Mr.Akram Alkhatib, the Public Prosecution conducted a written exam for the post of "assistant prosecutor" on Saturday at Birzeit University to all applicants from the northern governorates, in the presence of the Assistant Attorney Generals, Public prosecutors, the Independent Commission for Human Rights (ICHR), and a representative from the Palestinian Bar Association, in order to ensure integrity and transparency during the selection of qualified and professional public prosecutor's assistants. Prosecution in Cooperation with the EUPOL COPPS Organizes Training on Time Management and Effective Planning RamallahUnder the instructions of HE the Attorney General Mr.Akram Alkhatib, the Public Prosecution in cooperation with the EUPOL COPPS conducted a workshop on time management and effective planning, in the presence of the EUPOL COPPS Prosecution Expert from Finland Mr. Jari-Pekka Paajala, the Lega Adviser of the EUPOL COPPS mission Mr. Majdi Ja'far as well as a number of Department Managers and Heads of Departments from the AGO, in which the training aimed at improving and developing the performance of participants and providing them with the required skills. Prosecution signs a Memorandum of Cooperation with Himam FoundationRamallahHE Attorney General Mr.Akram Alkhatib has signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the Executive Director of Himam Foundation Dr. Majdi Hamdan in order to achieve fruitful cooperation in the areas of awareness, development, and community participation through the pioneers of the National Academic Network of Palestinian Universities, in the presence of the President of the Arab Trainers Union, Dr. Younis Al-Khataiba, Juvenile Chief Prosecutor Mr.Thaer Khalil and a number of representatives from the Arab Platform for Volunteering and Community Participation. of the Justice Sector Conduct the Annual Meeting with Donors and Partner Countries RamallahHE. Mr.Akram Alkhatib has participated in the high-level Annual Meeting for the Justice Sector work team, alongside with HE Chief of Justice Mr. Issa Abu Sharar, the Legal Adviser of the Palestinian President Mr. Ali Muhana, the Minister of Justice HE Dr. Mohammad Shalaldah, the President of the Supreme Constitutional Court HE Counselor Mohammed Al-Hajj Qassem, the Chief Donor & Representative of the State of Canada in Palestine, and representatives from other justice sector institutions, partners, civil society institutions, and donor countries. The goal of this meeting is to consulate and coordinates between the members of the local justice sector working group and the funding partners, and evaluate the previous stage, as well as present the justice sector priorities for the next stage according to the strategic plan.’s-martyrs-and-supporting-Jerusalem-and-Gaza.aspxPublic Prosecution holds a Solidarity Stand for Mourning the souls of the Martyrs and supporting Jerusalem and GazaRamallahThe Palestinian Public Prosecution organized a silent vigil in its 13 district Prosecution all over the governorates for mourning the souls of martyrs who recently died, among them the Public Prosecution martyr, the prosecutor in Salfit, Dr. Issa Barham, and the martyr Ahmed Fattouh, son of the Chief Prosecutor, Mr.Ayad Fattouh, and for supporting Jerusalem & Gaza in facing the occupation policies and their crimes that clearly violate the international law and international humanitarian law, with the participation of a number of judges and lawyers. General Meets WIith ICRCRamallahHis Excellency Mr.Akram Alkhatib met with the new Head of Mission of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Jerusalem Mrs. Ellis Dobov, to discuss the cooperation and coordination methods between both parties in the legal field, in the presence of the Head of Human Rights Unit at the Public Prosecution Mrs.Najwa Alabdallah.