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Programming and Databases Development Unit​

The Information Technology Unit at the Public Prosecution has been strongly working on automating the work at the prosecution, since it was established, throug​h providing the infrastructure for IT including communication devices and networks to maintain the confidentiality and fast processing of data at all district prosecutions including the Office of the Attorney General.

The IT unit depended in its policy on adopting a centralized information and communications system, where all information (cases and correspondences) entered by the district prosecution is saved at a specialized information center at the IT unit, in addition to introducing the VOIP system.

The Public Prosecution is the first government institution to apply this technology at its headquarters and district offices, in addition to introducing videoconference ​system at district prosecutions.

During 2009-2010, the IT unit worked towards achieving several accomplishments, mainly:

  • Establishing the infrastructure for networks at all district prosecutions, dividing the district prosecutions to LANs and give each network its own address.
  • Providing new computers and rename them as well as giving each device an IP address to facilitate management of devices through long distance connection.
  • Providing high efficiency central printers to each district prosecution.
  • Providing a server and domain controller to each prosecution, and developing policies that provide privacy to user information through the shared folder on the server.
  • Connecting all computers at the district prosecutions to central printers enabling employees to print documents from any computer through the central printers.
  • Dividing employees into groups and create an account for each user enabling them to open their files from any computer connected to the network, which guarantees the confidentiality and security of files and user information.
  • Providing an email system to the Public Prosecution employees, where correspondences and instructions are exchanged electronically between prosecutions.
  • Conducting regular maintenance to devices, where any prosecution that has a technical issue can communicate with the unit to solve it.
  • Installing firewall systems at all prosecutions and program them in a manner that corresponds with the work of the public prosecution to guarantee the confidentiality of information at each prosecution.
  • Applying the VOIP system at the new Office of the Attorney General.
  • Establishing an information center and put the description of the required devices in this center.