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Training Department

Training is the means through which the performance of prosecutors and administrative staff is raised by providing them with the skills, expertise and capacity to perform their tasks effectively and efficiently, as well as developing their experience to enable them from performing their tasks in time. The Public Prosecution has recently given special interest in training due to the urgent need to develop the skills of prosecutors and administrative staff, provide them with the required expertise and minimize common mistakes. Many human rights organizations monitoring the work of the justice sector institutions have had negative comments on the performance of staff at these institutions including the public prosecution. These negative comments were included in reports that addressed these institutions for years.

After diagnosing the problem, the "judicial training department" was established and annexed to the technical office in accordance with decision No. (4) of the Attorney General issued on 24/11/2005. This department worked on developing programs and projects and organizing several activities and workshops in coordination with local and international bodies, which has contributed significantly in developing the judicial capacity and enriching the knowledge of prosecutors as well as improving their legal skills. Additionally, this contributed in developing the administrative skills of the remainder of the staff. Another opportunity was the participation of prosecutors in specialized international conferences abroad, in which they presented papers that were of interest to other p​articipants.