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​Department of Planning and Project Management

Established the Department of Planning and Development and Enterprise in October of 2008 and is composed currently of 6 staff , including the head of the department , four of these staff members are employees of experts by the program UNDP in 2009 as they team manager of planning and coordinator for the donor and an administrative assistant . The Department of Planning in the Public Prosecution of the most important units and departments are considered as the basic unit in the development of the public prosecutor in various fields , including:

  1.  Comprehensive survey of the needs of the public prosecution where , equipment and devices and human cadre and training required for them.
  2. Draw plans and policy development on behalf of the public .
  3. Formulation of projects and proposals and development plans and presented to donors .
  4. Donor coordination and follow-up proposals submitted .
  5. Preparation of agreements and detailed plans in collaboration with donor sperm or existing projects submitted to the public prosecutor in the coming years .
  6. Implementation and project management and periodic evaluation of the results and outputs .
  7. Coordination for conferences and workshops.
  8. Preparation of periodic reports on the progress of work projects.
  9. Prepare monthly reports and the annual work of the public prosecutor.
  10. Representation of the public prosecutor in meetings and working groups own different justice sector .