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Inspection Office​

Given the importance of the role and powers vested in the Public Prosecution, especially those relating to human rights, properties and freedoms; and for the purposes of control and accountability in prosecutors' application of the law; and in order to guarantee progress in the work, the inspection office was established in accordance with the Attorney General Decision 1/2006 issued on 3/1/2006. The office is annexed to and supervised by the Office of the Attorney General. The main purpose of establishing this office was to organize and reform the Public Prosecution in order to achieve judicial fairness through finding an inspection system that achieves balance between public interest, progress in work, protection of freedoms and prosecutors' right to legally perform their job.

Following are the competencies of the Inspection Office in accordance with decision 1/2006:

        1. Supervise the Public Prosecution departments in all districts.
        2. Develop an announced and surprise inspection system on the work of prosecutors.
        3. Examine and investigate complaints filed against prosecutors.
        4. Present the necessary recommendations regarding having disciplinary or penal actions against prosecutors.
        5. Prepare bills and indictments relevant to disciplinary and penal violations committed by prosecutors and follow up on their trial.
        6. Develop standards and criteria for appointment and promotion at the public prosecution and supervise the appointment and promotion committees.
        7. Prepare the distribution of prosecutors on competent courts (rotation).

Followi​ng are the main achievements of the Inspection Office:

  • Conducted announced inspection on prosecutors.
  • Organized prosecutors' confidential files.
  • Performed a check on prosecutors' finances.
  • Held the competition for appointing assistant prosecutors.