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​​Execution Department

​​​Article 1

  • The Execution Department shall be annexed to and supervised by the Office of the Attorney General, and its jurisdiction shall include all of Palestine.

Article 2

- the Execution Department shall be composed of

  • One of the deputy attorney generals – head of the department.
  • Two chief prosecutors as deputies to the head of the department, one in the northern governorates and the other in the southern governorates.
  • A sufficient number of experienced and qualified prosecutors and chief prosecutors.
      • The Attorney General may nominate an experienced and qualified judge to work at the department in accordance with article (4). The head of the department manages work at the department and distributes tasks on its employees, one of his deputies acts on his behalf through a decision from the Attorney General when he is not available.

Article 3

- the Execution Department shall have the following competencies

  • Oversee the work of secondary prosecution in terms of executing penal decisions issued by Palestinian courts.
  • Oversee the execution of death penalties and be present at the execution in accordance with the law.
  • Execute decision against members of the legislative council, ministers and members of the judicial authority.
  • Oversee everything relating to the Criminal State Journal issued by the Ministry of Interior and follow up on its implementation and data.
  • Oversee the decisions that are required to be executed against members of the National Security forces and other security services.
  • Oversee and check on reform and rehabilitation centers in accordance with the law.
  • Oversee rehabilitation requests.

Article 4

- Chief Prosecutors and prosecution office directors shall duly send requests and documents submitted to the – accompanied by their opinion – to the Execution Department to decide on them, they include:

  • Requests to extradite convicted detainees to the country of which they are nationals for the penalty to be executed.
  • Requests to extradite accused or convicted persons, in felonies or misdemeanors, residing in other countries accompanied with the necessary documents.
  • Requests received from other countries to extradite accused or convicted persons residing in Palestine.
  • Complaints filed by convicted persons regarding placing them in a different prison.
  • Reports prepared by prosecutors on prison inspections.
  • Cases regarding prisoners escaping from reform and rehabilitation centers they were placed in.
  • Requests for postponing imprisonment sentences if the convicted person becomes mentally ill before deciding on the execution.
  • Cases of mentally ill persons that are required to be sent or detained in specialized places.
  • Correspondences on mental and psychological health institutions and decisions to place persons in them; to take necessary action regarding them, as well as decisions issued to release detainees in such institutions.
  • Opinions on problems facing prosecutors with regard to execution.
  • Requests for the postponement of​​ decisions filed by the spouse of the convicted person.
  • Any other issues requested by the Attorney General or his deputies.

Article 5

  • The Attorney General may second a member of the Execution Department to perform any other task of the public prosecution.

Article 6

  • The Execution Department may submit proposals and recommendation on any affair of the public prosecution.

Article 7

  • The Execution Depart​​ment shall be provided with a sufficient number of employees selected by the Attorney General and supervised by the head of the Execution Department.​