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​Telecommunication and Networks Management Unit

The Telecommunications and Networks Management Department consists of the following divisions:

        1. Networks Division – following are the tasks of this division:
          • Develop technical specifications for new network projects at the Public Prosecution.
          • Distribute IP addresses on devices, include devices in the scope of the domains and create shared folders and the relevant policies that guarantee confidentiality of staff information.
          • Monitor the surveillance systems and cameras and provide them with regular maintenance.
          • Design internal networks in accordance with the needs of each department.
          • Install network and phone lines in case of any expansion in the work.
          • Implement and supervise the infrastructure plans for networks at the Public Prosecution.
          • Document the data and problems relating to the network with technically accredited specifications.
          • Monitor email systems and guarantee their efficiency in accordance with the increased needs of the Public Prosecution.
        2. Telecommunications and Protection Systems Division – following are the tasks of this division:
          • Oversee and monitor VOIP systems, add new users and develop communication policies according to the needs of each user.
          • Connect VIOP devices at district prosecutions with each other which provides free calls between district prosecutions.
          • Oversee and monitor videoconference systems.
          • Oversee, manage and operate network control systems and protection systems.
          • Coordinate with telecommunication companies to install the required lines.
          • Design the WAN and develop standards for communication lines and standards for communication means for all parts of the network and supervise installing them.
          • Monitor the network, improve its performance, guarantee its protection in terms of data security and verify compliance with the adopted standards in this regard.
          • Oversee the connection of LANs with WAN.
          • Continuous research on the latest developments in the field in order to recommend technologies that can be obtained to improve the work environment and increase productivity.
        3. Maintenance Division – the main tasks include:
          • Sustain computers and systems through protective and regular maintenance.
          • Backup all information and data of the Public Prosecution.
          • Monitor maintenance contracts with specialized companies to implement maintenance work.
          • Perform emergency maintenance for devices at the Public Prosecution in the event of any crash and provide the necessary devices to guarantee progress in work.
          • Update the current devices at the Public Prosecution and install the latest developments that are in line with the requirements of work.
          • Monitor existing operation systems and protection systems.
          • Create a record of all electronic assets and clarify the depreciation of each device.
          • Coordinate and communicate with competent departments with regard to the needs of the Public Prosecution in terms of devices, ink, printers….etc.

        4. Technical Support Division:
          • Provide technical support for staff regarding new devices and software at the Public Prosecution.
          • Identify the needs of the Public Prosecution in terms of devices in coordination with the different departments.
          • Develop and prepare training programs for staff on information systems based on the work needs in coordination with the different departments concerned.
          • Coordinate between the different departments and the IT unit.​​