Theory provisions Zero

Date:- 6/20/2010

Author:- Khaled Khoffash

At the beginning and before talking about provisions Zero must explain what the judicial ruling and his staff where he knew that the Declaration of the judge wanted the law to be realized in a particular incident in the outcome of legal adhered to by the parties to the lawsuit and satisfies all corners required by his being legal in all its data governance baht is why the natural expiration of the lawsuit Criminal and either t​hat this rule is true and in conformity with the law and either be null and void as a result of failure to complete the terms of his health or shape or phrased Hence arose the theory of lack of judgment are theoretical dialectic does not exist in jurisprudence , but after the courts began to describe some of the provisions in the absence and including the Egyptian Court of Cassation .

Built theory lack the idea of ​​the legal existence of the work of the procedural If this procedure is dead or does not exist legally there is no trace him and cause a lack of governance and differs from the invalidity that the procedure falsehood his legal existence and the existence of defective Fjza lack of presence is absence and sanction non- health is a nullity and draw The difference between nullity and lack also that the nullification has legal title The lack no legal title to him and it is a logical idea more are such that lack a form of invalidity particle it is possible to describe absolute invalidity Palanaadam and Ola goes without saying that the laws of Yemen took the theory of the provisions non-existent despite the fact that the most important thing the theory provisions zero of criticism it affect the stability of judicial and Conditions interval in the merits of the case and terminate any way if awarded judgment legal force which should not have to mourn him defect is where select legislator ways to discuss the disadvantages of rule by law and in what follows will Narj on cases lack the legal ways in exposure to such judgments .