The Public prosecution accomplishes a judicial precedent in the case of the victim, Suha Al-Deek

Date:- 4/10/2017

Place:- Ramallah

​The prosecution on protecting families from violence, in coordination with the appeals court, was able to accomplish a judicial precedent which shall bring social justice and equity to all victim women due to violence. The judgment has been issued today by Ramallah Appeals Court, headed by the Judge Emad Maswada with the membership of the Judge Ahmad Al-Tubasi and the Judge Awatif Abdul-Ghani; based on the evidences provided from the Public Prosecution; the defendant was convicted of murder in violation of Article 328 of the Penal Code No. 16 of 1960, and he was sentenced for Imprisonment for a period of 10 years.

The Appeals Prosecution (based on the appeals and pleading list prepared by the prosecution on protecting families from violence) has abrogated the decision issued by Nablus instance Court of the defendant imprisonment for two years and a half (after deducting the detention period on deliberate murder of the victim Suha Al-Deek, attached with a moderate argument, against article 326, of the Penal Code No. 16, for the year 1960, and articles 97 and 98 of the same code).

The public prosecution was represented by the appeals chief prosecutor, Mrs. Rania Al-Tamimi.

It is worth mentioning that the offence occurred in 2014.