The Public Prosecution holds its 9th Annual joint Palestinian-Turkish Conference

Date:- 4/11/2019


The Palestinian Public Prosecution has launched its Ninth Annual Conference – Palestinian and Turkish Joint Conference 20019 under the title "Digital Evidences within the Context of the Requirements of Investigation and Human Rights ".

The conference was attended by the representative of His Excellency President Mahmoud Abbas, Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Ziad Abu Amr, the Attorney General of the state of Palestine, Mr. Akram AL-Khateeb, the General Prosecutor of the Supreme Court of Appeal in the Republic of Turkey, Mr. Mehmet Akarca  , the president of the Palestinian High Judicial Council, Mr. Imad Saleem, the President of the Supreme Court of Appeal in  the Republic of Turkey, Mr. Ismail Rustu Cirit, the Head of TIKA's Office in Palestine, Mr. Ahmad Rafeek Tshaten Kaya, the General Council of the International Association of Prosecutors , Mr. Gary Balch, and a number of  Palestinian national leaders, governors and security services commands, representatives of donor countries, accredited Excellencies of ambassadors and consuls, Judges from the Constitutional Court, the prosecution of Military, former Attorney Generals, representatives from the general institutions & Civil Associations and  International &local  specialists delegations.


During the conference, Dr. Ziad Abu Amro, the representative of The President, confirmed that the Palestinian leadership is determined to move forward to improve the status of the Palestinian prosecutions and courts, also to remove all impediments that may prevent the strengthening of their dominion and independence, because the rule of law is the supreme authority that protects the basic system and establishes the basis for the social justice in all its components, based on our firm belief in the constitutional principles contained in the Basic Law  in terms of the separation of powers and the independence of judiciary as they are the fundamental pillars for a modern democratic state which we seek to establish.


From his side, the Attorney General, stressed that the convening of this conference comes in the light of the rapid growing in the crime's rates which has become a threat to the social and economic fabric that destabilizes the security and the stability of the society, which forces the law enforcement agencies to keep pace with these developments in order to achieve the social stability and security, imposes the rule of law and an atmosphere of tranquility & safety. This can only be done through the combined efforts from all law enforcement actors, led by the Public Prosecution.

At the end of his speech, the Attorney General extended his thanks and gratitude to His Excellency, President Mahmoud Abbas, for his continuous support to the Public Prosecution aiming to build a State of law and institutions.


During the first session, the Attorney General, Mr. Akram Al-Khatib, signed two Memorandums of Understanding; the first  between the Palestinian Public Prosecution and the Attorney General of Buenos Aires City of the Argentine Republic, represented by the Attorney General, Mr. Luis Seifaco. The second had been signed with the Attorney General of the Republic of Botswana, Mr.Stephen Yasi Teriakozi.


The conference, during the three-day scientific sessions, will discuss  a range of topics, including:  Dealing with   Digital Evidences, Compatability of Procedures of the collection and Use of Digital Evidences with human rights Standards Digital Evidences collection and  Submission to courts (Challenges and Solutions), The  Sensitivity of   Dealing with Digital Evidences in juvenile and Family Protection Cases,  , the Combating False  digital evidences and protecting human rights, Strengthening International cooperation to ensure the  Reliability  of Digital Evidences.


This conference comes within the framework of the efforts of the government and the justice sector institutions under the leadership and the guidance of HE, President Mahmoud Abbas, to continue building institutions in an independent democratic Palestinian state, based on the rules of transparency, integrity, accountability, good governance, ensure justice and equality, and preserve the rights & the rule of law.