The Public Prosecution Lunches a Unified Procedures Manual on Violence against Women.

Date:- 6/11/2019


 The Public Prosecution has launched a unified procedure manual for dealing with cases related to violence against women in cooperation with the justice sector parties and in partnership with the UN Women through Sawasya II project, in the presence of  H.E the Attorney General Mr. Akram Alkhatib, the Chairman of the High Judicial Council Mr. Imad Saleem, the Minister of Women's Affairs Mrs.Amal Hamad, the Minister of Social Affairs Mr.Ahmed Majdalani, the Director General Assistant of the Palestinian Police for Criminal Researches Mr. Muhammad Taim, the Palestinian Non- Governmental Organization Against Domestic Violence Against Women (Al- Muntada) Mrs.Sabah Salameh, and the Special Representative of the United Nations in Palestine Ms. Maryse Guimond.

The manual aimed at standardizing and institutionalizing the procedures of investigation, transfer and litigation for all cases related to violence against women, and provide specialized & gender- sensitive services at all the stages of the legal process and during the appealing before courts, in order to protect women victims & preserve their human dignity as well as punishes the perpetrators.

The manual clarified the partner's roles & responsibilities and specified the coordination methods between the partners & the Public Prosecution.

This manual has been developed by assigning a technical team from the Family Protection from Violence Prosecution members, utilizing from local and regional expertise, and by consulting with the relative institutions representatives & the family protection from violence members to identify the obstacles they face during their work also benefit from their legal & practical expertise.

The manual is composed from five chapters according to the following subjects: the responsibilities and competences of the Family Protection Prosecution, the responsibilities of partners, receiving complaints, the investigation procedures, the best practices before courts, the challenge by appeal, general provisions and Adultery & butcher.

From his side, the Attorney General has emphasized that the Public Prosecution responsibility, in accordance with the Judicial Authority law & the Criminal Procedures Code, to protect women victims of violence, perpetrate the criminals and support the gender cases to achieve the National Plan on combating violence against women and the Strategic Plan for the Justice Sector.

H.E also added that the Public Prosecution has strengthen the partnership with the services providers from the government & the civil society institutions and has observed the infrastructure of the public Prosecution offices to be responsive to the privacy of women and their companions by establishing special rooms for them, promoting the work of the Family Protection prosecution, and providing a technical & practical support.

Al-Khatib has praised the complementary relationship with all partners and the distinctive partnership between the UN through Sawasya II project and the Family Protection from Violence Prosecution for lunching an approved Unified Procedures Manual for the cases of Violence against Women. However, it can be modified and developed according to the goals that the public Prosecution seeks to achieve.