The Attorney General mets Preparatory Committee of 15th  Conference on Education

Date:- 6/30/2019


​The Attorney General, Mr Akram Al Khateeb has met in his office the members of the Preparatory Committee for the 15th  Conference on Education, in the presence of representatives of Defence for  Children International\ Palestine,  the Ministry of Education, The Ministry of Social Development, Al-Quds University,  and Save The Children organization. The Chief Prosecutor of the Juvenile Prosecution Office, Mr Thae'r Khalel has attended the meeting, as well.

The meeting has focused on the preparations of the 15th National Conference for the -protection of the right to Education in Palestine, which will be held on November 2019. The conference will focus on the obstacles of protecting the Children's right of education in the occupied Palestinian territories, the official and non-official efforts on protecting the right of education under the occupation,  identifying of responsibilities & obligations in accession to international treaties. They also discussed the roles and responsibilities of all partners, besides the interventions and research paper which will be presented at the upcoming conference.