Specialized sessions  on violence against disabilities and elderly

Date:- 6/20/2019


​Under the instructions of the Attorney General, Mr Akram Al Khateeb, the Public Prosecution has opened a serious of interactive dialogues on coordination and networking between the Public Prosecution and the civil society institutions and NGOs, on violence against disabilities and elders cases. The sessions have been attended by a number of specialized Prosecutors in the Family Protection Prosecution Office, representatives of competent civil society institutions & NGOs, and in partnership with The Italian Development Cooperation (AICS).

These sessions have aimed at discussing the roles of services provided by civil society's institutions and NGOs, in dealing with violence against elderly and disabilities cases, in order to strengthen networking between them and Family Protection Prosecution Office, which will strengthen  the protection of these categories and holds perpetrators accountable.

The sessions which will be held in the West Bank provinces have included 3-phases, which will include a presentation of the competences and the roles of the Family Prosecution Office, in improving services for elders and disabilities, as well as discussing the governing legal frame to these categories.