Public Prosecution participates  in Case Management Systems Conference.

Date:- 6/23/2019

Place:- the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

​The Public Prosecution has participated in the first regional conference of Case Management Systems in Justice Sector which held in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan by the High Judicial Council, and funded by UNDP.

Many justice sectors' institutions from the Middle East, North Africa, have participated in the conference, exchanging electronic expertise, as well as presenting the Palestinian experience on Case Management Systems in the judicial work; in addition to seeking prospects of future cooperation with justice institutions in the region.

The Public Prosecution has submitted 4 research papers in different topics; The Anti-Cybercrime Chief Prosecutor, Ms Nisren Zeneh has submitted a paper on the Technological infrastructure development in the Public Prosecution and its contribution in raising the level of the judicial work. While the Juvenile Prosecutor, Mr Jad Tameleh has submitted a paper on the Public Prosecution's experience of the automation of MIZAN 2 in the juveniles cases, and the importance of mediation in juvenile justice.

The Director of the Planning and Policies Department, Ms Tahrer Atta has made a presentation of the sensitivity of MIZAN program for gender, and how the program worked on taking into account specialties in dealing with Family protection cases. In the same context, The Director of Programming Unit, Mr Rami Salameh on Case Management Systems in the Public Prosecution work mechanisms, and presenting MIZAN 2 Program experience in that regard.

At the end of the conference, the participants have agreed on several recommendations, including forming task group from all participants to  facilitate the connection between all the participants to exchange experiences; agreeing on the importance of holding such conferences periodically; choosing a serious of successful examples to circulate it to the state participants.