In the Presence of the prime Minister, Dr. Rami Hamdallah, The Acting Attorney General Participate in opening Dora’s Prosecution and  Magistrates Court.

Date:- 2/27/2019

Place:- DORA

The Acting-Attorney General, Mr. Akram Al-Khateeb has participated in opening Dora's Prosecution and Magistrates Court, in the presence of The caretaker, PM Dr, Rami Alhamdallah, the president of the Palestinian Judicial Council, Mr. Imad Saleem, Hebron Governor, Jebreen Al-Bakri, the delegate of the European Union, Ralph Trav, the Mayor of Dora, Ahmad Salhob, a representative of the Palestinian Bar association, and number of ministries, judges, prosecutors,  and security forces. 

Mr.Akram during his opening speech has stressed that this new building in Dura which considered one of the central cities in Hebron governorate, will deliver services to more than 200.000 citizens from Dura and neighboring villages, easing the burden on the litigants.  This come as a part of seeking to meet the courts and prosecutions premises' International criteria including: the availability of facilities suitable for Persons with special needs and women, the separation between Juveniles and adults, the respect of the litigant dignity by offering waiting zones, and a temporary detention chambers, and the availability of private entries for the judges and the prosecutors.  

Mr. Akram additionally has added that establishing courts and prosecutions premises have served the rationalizing expenditure principle by finalizing property rental and providing required spaces meeting the needs of the courts and prosecutions since their construction project funded by the European Union with a total value of (20) million Euro. The provided funding has additionally covered the expansion of Jenin Prosecution, the establishment of new court and Prosecution in Qalqlia, and the establishment of court and prosecution in Salfit, which pour directly in achieving the objectives of the Palestinian enforcement authorities, responding to the Human Rights Principles, and the right to litigate in an appropriate environment.    

In this context, Mr. Akram has asserted that the joint construction project is the best example of  the integrative role between the executive authority represented by the Ministry of Finance and Planning & the Ministry of Public Work, in one hand  and the Judicial Authority represented by the High Judicial Council and the Public Prosecution on the other hand; The Public Prosecution is keen to strengthen the integrative role on different occasions.    

By the end of his speech, Mr. Akram has thanked the European Union for the support towards establishing the prosecutions and court premises in Palestine, as well as providing these premises with furniture and equipment required for their operation. He also has expressed his appreciation for all the funding parties who provide support either to The Public Prosecution or to the High Judicial Council in regard of logistics and technical fields, along with the governmental support by The Ministry of Finance, The Ministry of Public Work, and Hebron Governorate.