Family Prosecution concludes “ Work as  Team” session.

Date:- 6/27/2019


​Under the instructions of the Attorney General, Mr Akram Al Khateeb, the Family Prosecution Office has concluded a collaborative meeting titled "work as a team", in partnership with EUPOL COPPS. The meeting has targeted Specialized Family Protection from violence Prosecutors & Administrative Staff in the district, specialized, and the Attorney General Office.

The meeting was aimed at strengthening the complementary relationship between legal and administrative staff in the Family Protection Prosecution Office; to raise the services that provided by the Public Prosecution, achieving the best interest of categories which fall within its mandate.

the 2-days meeting has addressed several topics including working group, team-building skills, working team success,  and practical training on identifying weak and strong points and its reflection on targeted groups best interest.

It should be pointed out that this meeting is part of the executive plan of the Family Protection Prosecution Office to strengthen the staff and specialist capabilities.