Attorney General participates in Arab General Prosecutors Conference

Date:- 7/3/2019

Place:- EGYPT

​The Attorney General, Mr Akram Al Khateeb has participated in the first meeting of the Arab General Prosecutors Conference, accompanied by the Chief Prosecutors, Mr Yaser Hamad, and the Prosecutor, Mr Ahed Toqan, which held in Cairo under the title " the Arab Public Prosecutions unite to combat crime".

During the conference, the Attorney General has pointed out that the Palestinian Public Prosecution accession to the Arab General Prosecutors as a founding member is a leap on developing joint Palestinian-Arab legal and judicial work, in light of exceptional circumstances attacking the Palestinian Issue. He also has asserted that strengthening the relationship with other Arab countries will help us overcoming surrounding challenges, mainly transnational offences, including Money laundering and Terrorism funding which threaten national security in our countries. 

H.E Al Khateeb, additionally, has added that our Public Prosecution will not spare any effort in support, develop, and exchange expertise with the state members, especially under fundamental circumstances affecting peace and international security in the region such as imposing the status quo, which is under the Public Prosecution's aspiration levels. As a result, the Public Prosecution seeks by joining the Arab General Prosecutors Conference to strengthen the Arab and regional presence of the Palestinian issue.

In the sidelines of the conference, the Attorney General has met with the Prosecutor-General of the Republic of Egypt, Mr Nebil Sadeq, and  the Chief of the Jordanian Public Prosecutions, Judge, Mohamed Shredeh, The Attorney General of KSA, Mr Sa'd Rajab, and the Attorney General of Kuwait, Mr Derar Asosee.

The Attorney General has thanked the Prosecutor-General of the Republic of Egypt for their kindness and generosity, and wishing Almighty may help us to protect our countries and guide us to stand together on the side of justice and right.