Attorney General meets with ILF

Date:- 7/8/2019


​The Attorney General, Mr Akram Al Khateeb has discussed means of cooperation with ILF delegation, represented by The Partnership and Advocacy Director, Ms Itchil in the legal assistance aspects.

The meeting aimed at building a partnership, coordination, and cooperation on the legal assistance of the children, the representation of accused juveniles without distinction as to age or sex, ensuring fair trial and protection from violence, which children may be subjected to.

The Attorney General has insisted on the importance of a continuous partnership between both sides, as well as the necessity of moving forward in achieving the strategic plan of the justice sector, in general, and the Public Prosecution, in particular. He also has praised the role of ILF in supporting justice in Palestine and worldwide.

While Ms Itchil has praised the Public Prosecution's role in providing juvenile justice, which reflected on the children who received legal assistance and protected from all kinds of abuses, confirming that the Palestinian experience should be presented in international panels to benefit from such expertise.