Attorney General meets with Committee charged to examine offences in Bethlehem territory

Date:- 7/10/2019


​The Attorney General has met with the supervisor of the Committee charged by the H.E the President Mahmoud Abbas, to examine the offences in Bethlehem Territories, The Minister, the Counsel of the President, Ziad Bandk,   the Head of the Palestinian Land and Water Settlement Commission, Judge, Musa Shakarneh, and  the Governor of Bethlehem, Major-General, Kamel Hemad. The committee members have also attended including: the Head of Bethlehem, Col. Ala Shlalabi,   The Director of PSS in Bethlehem, Col. Salem Kesi, the Legal Advisor of the Ministry of Justice Mr. Mamou'n Mahamed, and the Legal Advisor of Bethlehem Governorate, Mr. Nasem Deqmaq.

The Participants have discussed main issues, which concern the citizens in Bethlehem, especially the attacks taking place in the governorate territories. In that regard, mechanisms have been recommended to find concrete solutions guaranteeing the maintenance of the citizen's rights and safety, as well as the appropriateness of all the measures taken by all the competent parties to solve such issues. They have discussed as well,   the ways and means resolving conflicts by implementing relevant laws, with guaranteeing the conduct of the proceedings as soon as possible in cases referred to the competent courts. 

They also have given recommendation to the High Judicial Council to increase the Judges of courts specialized in pronouncing on dispute brought before it, as well as the importance of the Public Prosecution's roles under Decree-law of Local Authorities Courts of 2018, in coordination with all relevant parties, reducing the burden on the citizens and preserving the litigants rights.