The Jordanian Attorney General Arrives to Participate in the Public Prosecution’s Annual Conference 2014

Date:- 12/19/2014

Place:- Jericho

Dr. Akram Al-Masa'deh, the Jordanian Attorney General, arrived late last night due to delay from the Israeli side in issuing him entry permit, which prevented him from attending the opening of the Public Prosecution's fifth annual conference of 2014 yesterday.

Dr. Akram Al-Masa'deh is supposed to participate in the conference held in Jericho and entitled "The Public Prosecution: Reality, Challenges and Prospects" which has started yesterday, Thursday, and will proceed over the course of three days at the Oasis Hotel-Jericho under the auspices of HE President Mahmoud Abbas and with the participation of several local and international institutions.

HE Attorney General Judge Abdul Ghani Al-Eweiwi and Head of the Planning Unit Chief Prosecutor Yasser Hammad received the guest. The Attorney General welcomed the guest and valued his participation in this year's conference, as Dr. Al-Masa'deh will be giving the Jordanian Public Prosecution speech during the conference sessions.