The Economic Crimes Prosecution Refers Two Palestinian Companies to the Judiciary

Date:- 4/10/2016

Place:- Ramallah

The Economic Crimes Prosecution in Ramallah referred investigative case no. (54/2016) to Ramallah Conciliation Court where it was given the No. (1240/2016). The case involved two companies that entered prohibited goods in accordance with the Council of Ministers decision of 22/3/2016 which prohibits entering the goods of five Israeli companies to the Palestinian market.

The companies were duly referred to the judiciary for violation of article 27/6 with reference to article 22/8 of the Consumer Protection Law No. 21 of 2005, and article 27/2 of the same law, as well as article 31 of the Standards Law No. 6 of 2000, in order to be tried.

This comes in line with the national policy to support national Palestinian products.