Birzeit University Faculty of Law and Public Administration Signs a MOU with the Public Prosecution

Date:- 12/17/2014

Place:- Ramallah

A MOU between Birzeit University Faculty of Law and Public Administration and the Public Prosecution was signed yesterday. The Dean of the Faculty of Law and Public Administration Dr. Asem Khalil, the Head of the Law Department at the Birzeit University Faculty of Law and Public Administration Mr. Fayez Bkairat, the EU Project Coordinated at the Faculty of Law at Birzeit University Mr. Mahmoud Abu Sawi and the ​​Promoting Communication Official at the Faculty Mr. Sami Al-Hirbawi visited HE the Attorney General Abdul Ghani Al-Eweiwi's office in Ramallah in presence of the Head of the Planning Unit Chief Prosecutor Yasser Hammad.

This visit came in light of creating new academic programs under the activities of the EU funded project "Promoting Education at the Higher Education Level: Developing Law and Economy Masters Program at Birzeit University, and Criminal Law at Al-Quds and Al-Najah Universities"

The Public Prosecution represented by the Attorney General expressed its desire to have mutual cooperation with the Faculty of Law and Public Administration at Birzeit University represented the Dean Dr. Asem Khalil in order to achieve the project objectives and strengthen relations between both sides through establishing a partnership characterized by cooperation to promote building institutional and human resources capacities at both educational and professional levels. Both sides seek to provide their services to promote the rule of law and reach national reconciliation based on the expertise and capacities both sides possess. They identified the framework of understanding in this regard through signing a MOU that includes terms indicating the desire of both sides in cooperation and exchange of expertise, in terms of providing the faculty students with the skills and knowledge in the field of criminal interrogation and its methods, as well as to train them on the work of the Public Prosecution from receiving complaints to drafting indictments. This will be done by distributing Birzeit University law students at the different district prosecution offices in accordance with standards identified in the MOU and with the circumstances of students and capacities of district prosecution offices. With regard to the faculty of law, it seeks through the MOU to provide support to prosecutors wishing to continue their postgraduate education in accordance with the available capacities and by allocating scholarships should they be available. The MOU was agreed upon and signed accordingly.