The Joint Project Steering Committee of the Canadian Funded Sharaka Project Holds its Sixth Meeting

Date:- 10/19/2014

Place:- Canada

The sixth meeting of the Sharaka Project joint project steering committee was held this morning at Justice Canada in Ottawa – Canada between Ramallah and the Canadian capital through video conferencewith the presence of the Attorney General of Palestine, Judge AbdulGhani Al-Eweiwi, deputy attorney general Dr. Ahmad Barrak, Chief Prosecutor Yasser Hammad-head of the Planning and Policy Unit at the Public Prosecution, representatives from Justice Canada, and representatives from the Palestinian Ministry of Justice.

The meeting addressed the extension of Canadian funded "Sharaka" project, through which the project will be extended until the last quarter of 2016. During the meeting, the Attorney General stressed that the Public Prosecution, through the Planning and Policy Unit, reviewed the plan and made some amendments to it in accordance with the actual needs of the Public Prosecution.

It should be noted that the project's work plan is based on strengthening the organization and operational capacity of the Public Prosecution Service as well as improving coordination and complementary work between the Public Prosecution and the justice sector institutions. The plan also aims at increasing the professional capacity of prosecutors through training and it includes support to the gender and juveniles unit and the human rights unit which will be established during the extension period. It also includes work on the intranet which is currently being developed as well as many electronic services including services relating to human resources as well as other services provided to the public.

The meeting was closed by adopting the extension of the Sharaka's second phase and the Attorney General extended his appreciation and gratitude for those overseeing the project since 2009. He also praised the work of the Project Director Alnoor Meghani, Field Director Adrian Joseph and deputy field director Hussein Abu al-Hawa.