The Canadian Funded Sharaka Project Joint Project Steering Committee Holds its Meeting

Date:- 4/6/2016

Place:- Ramallah

The public prosecution held the JPSC meeting for the Canadian funded Sharaka project today 6/4/2016 in presence of the Attorney General Dr. Ahmad Barrak, the Canadian Representative to the Palestinian Authority Mr. David Fournier, and Sharaka Project Director Mr. Alnoor Meghani.

The Attorney General Dr. Barrak gave a presentation on the achievements and importance of Sharaka project and the need to extend the Canadian fund for this project that has contributed to building the capacity of prosecutors and provided the necessary logistic support over the past 7 years.

On his part, the Canadian representative David Fournier stressed that the Canadian government is keen on supporting the Palestinian people in promoting the rule of law, and he praised the achievements of the Canadian funded Sharaka project.

Mr. Meghani, the project director, gave a presentation on the what has been achieved from the projects annual plan, and on his team's commitment to the ann​ual plan and to providing all means of support to prosecutors.

At the end of the meeting, the Attorney General submitted an official extension proposal for the project and he stressed on the necessity of continued support to the public prosecution in light of the establishment of new departments and units at the AGO in order to continue providing justice services that meet the development of crime.