Establishment of the Family Protection from Violence Prosecution and the Juveniles Prosecution at the Attorney General Office

Date:- 2/8/2016

Place:- Ramallah


Through the acting Attorney General Dr. Ahmad Barrak's decision, the Family Protection from Violence Prosecution and the Juveniles Prosecution were established yesterday, February 2, 2016 at the Attorney General Office. The decision entered into force as of yesterday. Chief Prosecutor Dareen Salheyeh was appointed as head of the Family Protection from Violence Prosecution and Chief Prosecution Yousef Al-Tarifi was appointed as head of the Juveniles Prosecution. This step has been taken in the framework of the prosecution's responsibilities and due to its understanding of the dangers and consequences of handling juvenile and family cases.

Both specialized prosecution offices will be handling all investigative and relevant cases in all districts through secondary prosecutions. Each specialized prosecution will have a mechanism for communicating with all ministries and bodies with relation to cases referred to them.

The Family Protection from Violence Prosecution will be responsible for prosecuting, investigating, litigating, appealing, and monitoring the enforcement of decisions in crimes committed within the family, including the elderly and the disabled, as well as crimes committed against women and children from outside the family in addition to the crimes committed by women, such as adultery, prostitution, incest and other sexual crimes. Moreover, the mandate of this prosecution includes threat and blackmail crimes against women through any means of communication.

While the Juveniles Prosecution specializes in handling cases of juveniles under the risk of delinquency. This includes conducting investigations and litigations in a manner that guarantees confidentiality, respecting juveniles rights and finding methods to rehabilitate and reintegrate them in the society quickly in accordance with the adopted procedures in the Penal Procedures Law and the Juveniles Law in force. This prosecution's mandate also includes appealing decisions at both the appellate and cassation courts and retrying cases that fall under the prosecution's jurisdiction; networking and cooperating with the Ministry of Social Affairs through the child protection advisor with regard to monitoring children in any delinquency risk cases as decided in the law, this includes delegating the Ministry (Probation Officers) with all the necessary social work and research to reach the truth, understand the child's personality and identifying the proper means of rehabilitation and protection; take special procedures for juveniles under the age of 15; mediating between the victim and the child himself or his representative in misdemeanors and contraventions; and inspect the specialized rehabilitation and care centers, vocational training centers and hospitals.

It is worth noting that the Family Protection from Violence Prosecution has been established after having reviewed the Penal Law No. 16 of 1960, Penal Procedures Law No. 3 of 2001, and Presidential Decree No. 19 of 2009 on the adoption of CEDAW. While the Juveniles Prosecution was established in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Juveniles of 2016.