The Public Prosecution Holds a Meeting to Discuss the Prosecutors’ Guidelines

Date:- 3/2/2016

Place:- Ramallah


The Public Prosecution held a consultation meeting today to discuss the prosecutors' guidelines, particularly the section relating to receiving and screening cases. The meeting was attended by a number of prosecutors, in cooperation with the Canadian funded Sharaka project. The meeting aimed at developing work mechanisms at district and specialized prosecution offices, discuss problems and find solutions for such problems, and discuss the proper handling of cases in accordance with the law in order to speed proceedings in both felonies and misdemeanors.

The meeting was opened by the Acting Attorney General Dr. Ahmad Barrak, where he stressed on the importance of the guidelines.

The participants discussed methods and mechanisms that would improve the prosecution's work in this regard, particularly the distribution of cases on specialized prosecutors for investigation and referral to either the court or the AGO for review.

The meeting addressed several compone​nts including the responsibility of receiving and screening cases and rejecting cases that do not meet the requirements to start an investigations and the criteria to receive and screen cases as opposed to referring them to the attorney general.