The Public Prosecution Launches its Library Service Through its Website

Date:- 5/17/2016

Place:- Ramallah

The Palestinian public prosecution launched its library services through the website, through the Planning and Policy Department at the AGO. The public can obtain the necessary legal information and publications easily through this service.

This step was taken in furtherance of the public prosecution's vision and mission through enabling the justice sector institutions to efficiently perform their role and improve the work environment. The public prosecution launched the electronic library service in parallel with opening the library which has been established through support of the Canadian funded Sharaka project. The library page can be accessed through the following steps:

1.    Access the public prosecution's website on the link

2.    Click on the Legal Library link

3.    Click on the public prosecution library link


Or you can access the lib​rary through the following link:


With regards to the services provided by the website at the time being, they are available to the public prosecution staff, where the library content can be searched, and books can be borrowed and reserved electronically to save time and effort. The library content was designed to facilitate accessing books through several search fields (author, title, subject, or ISBN).

The website was designed in accordance with modern standards in managing information resources and it is at the level of advanced libraries, which indicates that that public prosecution is keen on developing its library service to provide and facilitate access to information for its staff.