The Attorney General Meets his Counterpart in Canada

Date:- 10/16/2014

Place:- Canada

The Attorney General of the State of Palestine Judge Abdulghani Al-Eweiwi met his Canadian counterpart Mr. Brian Saunders to discuss methods of judicial cooperation and partnership between the public prosecution services of both countries. This meeting came as a part of the Attorney General's visit to Canada.

During the Meeting, the Canadian Attorney General gave a presentation on the public prosecution in Canada in terms of the nature of its competence and work in accordance with the federal system as well as the relationship between the public prosecution and the Canadian police. He also explained the mechanism followed in the appointment of the Attorney General and his deputies. Mr. Saunders also extended his appreciation to the Attorney General of the State of Palestine for the support provided to the Canadian funded "Sharaka" project which aims at developing and supporting the sustainability of the Public Prosecution facilities.

On his part, the Attorney General of the State of Palestine gave a detailed presentation on the public prosecution in Palestine in terms of competence and establishment. He also extended his sincere appreciation and gratitude to the State of Canada, Canadian Public Prosecution Service and Department of Justice for all the logistic and technical support to the public prosecution facilities including the specialized prosecutions, which were provided through "Sharaka" project.

It should be noted that "Sharaka" project is one of the most important donor projects supporting the Palestinian Public Prosecution which has started over five years ago.