The AG Meets a Delegation from the Ministry of Women’s Affairs

Date:- 4/12/2016

Place:- Ramallah

The Attorney General Dr. Ahmad Barrak held a meeting in his office today with a delegation from the Ministry of Social Affairs headed by the deputy minister Mr. Bassam Al-Khatib.

The meeting addressed methods of cooperation and partnership between the public prosecution and the ministry in order to promote family protection from violence, holding perpetrators accountable and achieving deterrence, particularly in light of establishing the Family Protection Prosecution.

On his part, Dr. Barrak gave an introduction on the public prosecution's vision relating to promoting relations with partners at the justice sector and civil society in light of establishing the family protection prosecution, which will promote the concept of protection and deterrence as a priority in our society for Palestinian families in general and for women, children and marginalized categories in particular. He also stressed that the State of Palestine now has an obligation to protect families, women and marginalized categories from violence, particularly after becoming signatory to CEDAW and becoming a non-member state at the United Nations, and in a​ccordance with the declaration of independence that stressed on equality, international conventions and the Palestinian basic law.