The Attorney General Meets the President of the Palestinian Anti-Corruption Commission

Date:- 4/20/2016

Place:- Ramallah

The Attorney General Dr. Ahmad Barrak held a meeting in his office today with the president f the Anti-Corruption Commission Mr. Rafiq Al-Natsheh, in presence of the Deputy Attorney General Akram Al-Khatib who is seconded at the commission.

The meeting addressed methods of cooperation and partnership between the public prosecution and the anti-corruption commission. It also addressed the joint components in the anti-corruption strategy, and promoting transparency and the protection of the Palestinian society from the dangers of corruption crimes.

On his part, the Attorney General welcomed the positive cooperation between both sides and praised the important and difficult role and efforts of the commission in combating corruption. He also stressed on his full support to the work and objectives of the commission, which are in line with the public prosecution's objectives of eliminating corruption and promoting the rule of law in furtherance of the best interests of the public and the country.​