Organizes the 20th International Forum for Prosecutors on Fighting Cross-Border Organized CrimeRamallah​Under the instruction of his Excellency the Attorney General Mr.Akram Alkhatib, the Public Prosecution represented by the Deputy Attorney General, Mr.Khalid Awwad, the Chief Prosecutor Mr.Rasem Badawi, the Chief Prosecutor Mrs.Rania Altamimi, and the Prosecutor Fadel Ma'ali participated in the 20th International Forum for prosecutors organized by the Technical Assistance and Information Exchange instrument of the European Commission (TAIEX) in cooperation with the Prosecutor's General Office of Saxony on Fighting Cross-Border Organized Crime. General Discusses Cooperation Methods with the Head of EU Civilian Crisis Management Committee RamallahThe Attorney General Mr.Akram Alkhatib discussed the cooperation methods with the EU Civilian Crisis Management Committee represented by the Head of the EU Civilian Crisis Management Committee and a number of member states representatives from the European Union. General meets the Amnesty International Organization DelegationRamallah​The Attorney General Mr. Akram Alkhatib discussed with the Amnesty International's Middle East and North Africa Research and Advocacy Director, Philip Luther, the Deputy Director of the Amnesty Office Mr. Saleh Hijazi and the Campaign Coordinator, Mr. Laith Abu Ziad, the ways of cooperation & coordination between both sides specially in the field of capacity building of prosecutors specialized in human rights in order to achieve the fair trial in Palestine, in the presence of the Head of the Human Rights Unit ,Chief Prosecutor, Mrs.Najwa Abdallah. General discusses the means of cooperation with the Australian Representative in PalestineRamallah​The Attorney General Mr.Akram Alkhatib discussed with the Australian representative in Palestine Mr. Mark Billy the mechanisms and means of cooperation between the Public Prosecution and the Australian representative, in the presence of the Attorney General Deputy Mr. Yasser Hammad. General Meets with EUPOL COPPS RamallahThursday, The Attorney General Mr.Akram Alkhatib discussed the ways & means of cooperation as well as the projects funded by the EUPOL COOPS in the field of trainings, capacity building and supporting the public prosecution with the EUPOL COOPS Head of Mission Mr. Kauko Aaltomaa, in the presence of the Attorney General Deputy Mr. Yasser Hammad. General Meets with Geneva Center for Security Forces GovernanceRamallahThe Attorney General Mr.Akram Alkhatib discussed with the representative of Geneva Centre for Security Forces Governance in Switzerland Mr.Adam Step Recovisky and the center consultant Mrs. Iman Radwan, the means of mutual cooperation and coordination within the framework of a democratic governance, rule of law and respect for human rights, in the presence of the Attorney General Deputy Mr.Yasser Hammad and the Head of the Human Rights Unit Mrs.Najwa Abdallah. General Meets with UNRWA DelegationRamallah​The Attorney General Mr.Akram Alkhatib met with a delegation from the United Nations Relief & Works Agency for Palestine Refugees ( UNRWA) represented by the Director-General of the Judicial affairs Mrs. Eva Devolder, the Legal Consultant Mr.Wiliam Salameh,the Head of the Judicial Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mrs. Rania Kharbtly and the Legal Assistant Mrs.Sehab Issa, to discussed the joint international and local agreements, and the mechanism of communication in case of a complaint from Palestinian citizens against the Agency's employees as well as the Public Prosecution role in following up the complaint and the legal procedures follows. General participates in IAP Conference in Argentina ArgentineThe Attorney General, Mr Akram Al Khateeb has participated in the 24th conference of IAP, which held in 15-19/Sep/2019 in Buenos Aries, accompanied by the Deputy-Attorney General and Head of Planning Dep, Mr Yaser Hamad. General meets Head of EUPOL COPPSRAMALLA​The Attorney General, Akram Al-Khateeb has met the Head of EUPOL COPPS, Mr. Kauko Aaltomaa, The Head of Rule of Law Dep in the mission, Mr. Giovanni Galzignato, the Head-Deputy of the Mission, Ms. Marit Bergendal, and the Legal Adviser of the mission, Mr. Majdy Jafar, in the presence of the Head of Planning and Policies, Chief Prosecutor, Mr. Yaser Hamad. sector Heads hold their Annual meeting with partners and donorsRAMALLA​The Attorney General, Mr Akram Al-Khateeb has participated in the high-level annual meeting of the Justice Sector Task Force, alongside with the Head of the High Judicial Council, Hon. The Adviser Essa Abu Sharar, the President Counsellor of legal Issues, Mr Ali Mhana, the Minister of Justice, Dr Mohamed Shalaldeh, the Representative of Canada in Palestine in his capacity as major donor, multiple representatives of other justice sector institutions, partners, civil society institutions, and donor countries. The meeting aimed at opening discussion and coordination between local members of justice sector and donors, evaluating the previous phase, and presenting the justice sector priorities of next phase within its strategic plan and the national polices agenda of 2017-2022.