General meets with Committee charged to examine offences in Bethlehem territoryRAMALLAThe Attorney General has met with the supervisor of the Committee charged by the H.E the President Mahmoud Abbas, to examine the offences in Bethlehem Territories, The Minister, the Counsel of the President, Ziad Bandk, the Head of the Palestinian Land and Water Settlement Commission, Judge, Musa Shakarneh, and the Governor of Bethlehem, Major-General, Kamel Hemad. The committee members have also attended including: the Head of Bethlehem, Col. Ala Shlalabi, The Director of PSS in Bethlehem, Col. Salem Kesi, the Legal Advisor of the Ministry of Justice Mr. Mamou'n Mahamed, and the Legal Advisor of Bethlehem Governorate, Mr. Nasem Deqmaq. General meets with ILFRAMALLA​The Attorney General, Mr Akram Al Khateeb has discussed means of cooperation with ILF delegation, represented by The Partnership and Advocacy Director, Ms Itchil in the legal assistance aspects. The meeting aimed at building a partnership, coordination, and cooperation on the legal assistance of the children, the representation of accused juveniles without distinction as to age or sex, ensuring fair trial and protection from violence, which children may be subjected to. General participates in Arab General Prosecutors ConferenceEGYPTThe Attorney General, Mr Akram Al Khateeb has participated in the first meeting of the Arab General Prosecutors Conference, accompanied by the Chief Prosecutors, Mr Yaser Hamad, and the Prosecutor, Mr Ahed Toqan, which held in Cairo under the title " the Arab Public Prosecutions unite to combat crime". General visits Hashemite Kingdom of Jordanthe Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan​The Attorney General, Mr. Akram AL Khateeb has concluded an official visit to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, accompanied by a delegation of the Public Prosecution including: The Head of Judicial Inspection, Mr. Abdl Nasser Darghmeh, The Head of Planning and Policies Department, Mr. Yaser Hamad, The Chief Prosecutor of Ramallah district, Nash't Ayosh, and the Appeal Chief Prosecutor, Mr. Samer Abo Zaed. Attorney General mets Preparatory Committee of 15th Conference on EducationRAMALLA​The Attorney General, Mr Akram Al Khateeb has met in his office the members of the Preparatory Committee for the 15th Conference on Education, in the presence of representatives of Defence for Children International\ Palestine, the Ministry of Education, The Ministry of Social Development, Al-Quds University, and Save The Children organization. The Chief Prosecutor of the Juvenile Prosecution Office, Mr Thae'r Khalel has attended the meeting, as well. Prosecution concludes “ Work as Team” session.RAMALLAUnder the instructions of the Attorney General, Mr Akram Al Khateeb, the Family Prosecution Office has concluded a collaborative meeting titled "work as a team", in partnership with EUPOL COPPS. The meeting has targeted Specialized Family Protection from violence Prosecutors & Administrative Staff in the district, specialized, and the Attorney General Office. Attorney General signs MoU with Jordanian Public Prosecution the Hashemite Kingdom of JordanThe Attorney General, Mr Akram AL Khateeb has signed an MoU with the Chief of the Jordanian Public Prosecutions, Judge, Mohamed Shredeh on the international cooperation between the two prosecutions. This came under the instructions of H.E the President, Mahmoud Abbas and the approval of the Council of Ministries at their meeting, which held on 24 June 2019 to organize cooperation in regard of exchanging judicial assistance, expertise, capacity development, and strengthen bilateral relations and mutual cooperation. Prosecution participates in Case Management Systems Conference.the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan​The Public Prosecution has participated in the first regional conference of Case Management Systems in Justice Sector which held in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan by the High Judicial Council, and funded by UNDP. worship on effective responses to VAWG casesRAMALLA​Under the instructions of H.E The Attorney General, Mr Akram Al Khateeb, The Public Prosecution has held a training workshop on "The Public Prosecution effective responses to VAWG cases. The training has targeted specialized prosecutors in the Family Protection Prosecution Office, and Family Protection Unit Officers in the Palestinian Police, in order to strengthen the Public prosecution's prompt response in investigation of sexual abuse, in partnership with UNODC and HAYA Project. sessions on violence against disabilities and elderly RAMALLA​Under the instructions of the Attorney General, Mr Akram Al Khateeb, the Public Prosecution has opened a serious of interactive dialogues on coordination and networking between the Public Prosecution and the civil society institutions and NGOs, on violence against disabilities and elders cases. The sessions have been attended by a number of specialized Prosecutors in the Family Protection Prosecution Office, representatives of competent civil society institutions & NGOs, and in partnership with The Italian Development Cooperation (AICS).